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You like endurance road riding. We agree, long road rides are one of our favorites — meditative, tests of mettle, and finding new roads. Now we want to know about the climate and weather conditions you ride in.

Question Two:

What road conditions do you want your new bike to excel at?

  • Dry temperate conditions on decent pavement. This is the most popular kind of riding. I don’t ride if it looks like rain, snow, or sleet. I don’t like getting my bike dirty, or catching a cold, or dealing with wet messy clothing. Riding in the rain just feels kind of sketchy.

  • Really rough roads. I ride a lot of poorly maintained roads, broken pavement, with sand and debris everywhere. Traction and control are really important because of these conditions.

  • I get caught in the rain sometimes. It’s important to me to feel safe and have good traction in the rain because sometime I will be riding in wet weather. This means want the best possible brakes and tires for wet unpredictable conditions in which it’s sometimes difficult to see the road ahead.

  • All Conditions. I’ll ride in anything including rain, sleet, snow, and ice. I most often ride in dry conditions but it sure does seem to rain and snow a lot, too. My bike’s brakes, traction, and gearing needs to excel in the worst weather.

  • Frozen conditions are the norm. I ride more in snow and icy conditions than I do in dry temperate conditions.