Honey AllFondo Titanium 

What is the Honey AllFondo Titanium bike?

The Honey AllFondo is a disc brake road bike designed for endurance riding. The word “fondo” in Italian can mean long distance. It also means background or backdrop. This bike is the perfect backdrop for your long distance road riding.

We’ve optimized this design for some of our favorite riding: More than 100-miles at a time and about 80% pavement and 20% dirt road. This bike maximizes on bike comfort through tubeset choice and frame geometry and provides stable, predictable handling for long days in the saddle. When you want to ride long and feel good at the end of the day, this is the right bike.


Why is the Honey AllFondo Titanium the ideal century-plus bike?

If you like rolling fast over long distances and spend most of your time on pavement — good or bad — and spend a bit a time on dirt roads, really rough pavement, and even a bit of trail the AllFondo cannot be bested.

We think this bike is in a category all its own. With the design optimized for 30mm tires but very happy with 25mm tires, you can do a century-plus adventure ride on Saturday and join a spirited club ride on Sunday. This bike can handle both jobs really well.

Employing titanium makes the bike tough, durable, and smooth over the roughest roads. We’ve pushed the design to maintain the drivetrain stiffness of a true road performance bike while offering the smoothest ride of any bike we’ve ever ridden. Titanium has the nice side benefit of being impervious to weather conditions.

The frame geometry provides predictable and stable handling. Predictable is good in all situation. Stable is good as the ride gets longer. Make no mistake, stable in this case doesn’t mean sluggish. This bike loves feisty club rides as much as century rides.

We’ve optimized the parts kit specification for endurance road riding, too. The AF has disc brakes for confident descending in any weather no matter how tired you are. It is a light build for getting up the hills. A third bottle mount to help keep you hydrated. Every part is chosen for durability and serviceability first so you can be confident seven hours into your ride that your AllFondo will not let you down.

We’ve set the overall rider position a bit higher in the front end when compared to a performance road bike. The reach is also a bit shorter for comfort on 200k adventures.

These are tall promises, but we put our 30+ years of framebuilding experience behind our guarantee that you'll love this bike if you're looking for one bike for century adventures and fast group rides.

The AllFondo Titanium is priced to provide you more value than any other titanium bike on the market.  And titanium is the best material for century-plus riding.  It's the lightest bike in its class compared to any bike with a matching parts kit.  So, it is kind of the best of the best.  

Designed and Handmade in the United States

Each Honey frame conceived, designed, and built in the United States.  Wherever possible, we use US sourced materials, too.  Read why we think building Honeys in the US really does matter.  The reasons are many.


AllFondo Titanium Pricing

Honey offers two ways to get an AllFondo Titanium:

Our Curated Parts Packages are what we've found to work really well - and for which we can vouch.  These kits offer the best value — function, low-service, durability, lightweight — for the money.

Unique Design Features of the AllFondo Titanium

This is not a re-purposed road bike.  We designed the AF from the ground up, over a seven-year process, to provide the single best century-plus bike ever made. It might look simple, but the AllFondo’s subtle and unique features add up mile after mile to be faster, funner, and more forgiving than any other bike we’ve analyzed and ridden.

Here are some examples of what makes this bike so special:  Tubeset, fit and geometry, handling and performance, and component options.

Titanium Tubeset Design


Each of the 12 bike sizes has its own tubeset — the Honey Wildflower set — that we've optimized for the size of the bike and the likely size of the rider.  The tubing begins with the toughest, longest fatigue life titanium that's available.  We've been working with titanium for more than 30-years, so we know the industry.  Then we tailor the material to the application of durable all-day adventure rides.  We think this Wildflower tubeset helps us create the best riding endurance bike available.

Size-Specific Tubing:  This may sound trivial but true size-specific designs mean that a 54.5 cm top tube bike has a very different tubeset specification than a 56.5 cm bike.  Tubeset is important because a 0.001" change in wall thickness throughout the frame equates to about a 3% different in ride feel.  For reference, a typical piece of paper is 0.003".  That thickness change equates to about a 10% change in ride feel.  Small changes make a big difference.

Durability:  We're interested in building bikes that are going to be around for the long haul.  This requires designing with the best titanium available.  Just as is true with any material, there is good and bad.  Titanium is so sensitive to flaws that it's even more important to use first-quality titanium in our frames.  Proper welding technique, endless fatigue testing, and thoughtful part design all lead to maximizing your frame's fatigue life.

Toughness:  The titanium that Honey sources is as tough as any bike material can get.  Endurance riding demands durability; you don't want to be 90-miles out on an unknown road with a broken dropout hanger or cracked bottom bracket shell.  First-quality material is one secret to having the toughest bikes on the road.

Ride Quality:  This may be the best aspect of what titanium can offer a bike.  Titanium, when applied well, can absorb much more shock and vibration than any other material.  Not every titanium bike rides well but Honey's 30-plus years of titanium framebuilding provides us unique insight into optimizing ride quality. Even when the roads are perfect shock gets transmitted to your body. Titanium, well designed, absorbs more of this high-frequency vibration, so you feel noticeably better at the end of a 10-hour ride.

Impervious to the environment: Titanium never rusts. Never oxidizes. Ride in sleet, rain, winter road salt, salt water air. Nothing will damage the titanium. If you ride in wet weather — what real adventure ride doesn’t have storm clouds on the horizon — there is nothing better than titanium.

Here is more information about our titanium frames and why they're fairly wonderful.

AllFondo Titanium Bike Fit & Geometry


Our chart of AllFondo Titanium geometry provides all the details you'll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 12-sizes of the AllFondos, we're certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone. We make women's and men's bike setups, too.

  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.

  • When compared to a typical road performance bike, the AllFondo is designed for longer rides on much more varied terrain, so the rider position provides a slightly shorter reach and a slightly higher bar than a pure road bike. This position also helps prevent lower back pain and protects your body better during long rides on questionable pavement and dirt.

AllFondo Titanium Handling & Performance

Bike geometry:  With its stable front end, optimized trail, low bottom bracket, and long wheelbase the AllFondo makes for a tremendous 10-hour ride.

  • Predictable and sure-footed handling through thoughtful frame geometry, tubeset selection, and component curation. Some of this is obvious, and some of this runs very counter to popular current frame design fads.

    • Predictable because when you're not sure what's around the next corner on that unknown road, you want to trust that the bike will do what you want it to do. Sometimes people confuse quick handling with predictable handling; in general, quick is not actually very helpful. Predictable handling -- at all speeds and in all conditions -- is extremely helpful. And helps you ride faster.

    • Sure-footed because when you're in the 100th mile of a long adventure ride you don't want an overly quick or squirrely bike. It's exhausting to manage -- and a bit dangerous. Sure-footed bike behavior will help you settle in and relax on the bike — an essential feature of an endurance bike.

  • Excellent tracking and traction: The Honey proprietary seatstay design and tubing provide improved traction and predictability on any decent and on any road surface. The titanium AllFondo will help keep your tires connected to the pavement. You'll be able to ride faster and more confidently.

  • Excellent climbing ability: The AllFondo’s titanium frame tubing employs stiff chainstays for efficient power transfer to get you up the hills faster and with less effort. There is no stiffer titanium drivetrain available on an endurance bike.

  • Frame size-specific tubing: This ensures the best possible handling at the lowest possible frame weight. We selected each tube, with specificity, for each AllFondo frame size.

Component Choices & Options

We offer a few performance kits from Shimano and SRAM. Some for value and some that are pure performance. Each one of them curated, part by part to ensure that you’re getting the toughest, lightest parts at each price level.

Complete Bike Weight

54.5 cm top tube AllFondo Titanium with SRAM Force 22:  17 lbs., 1 ounce.  This is a really great weight for a durable, serious endurance road bike that can handle all kinds of rough riding.  Weights subject to change as component packages evolve.