Honey AllFondo Titanium Bike Series Geometry

Here are the geometry and frame feature details for the Honey AllFondo Titanium bike series.

Frame & Rider Fit Geometry

Frame size Frame "reach" Frame stack Standover height** Wheel size
Top tube lengthHead tube length

Frame Geometry Details, Supplemental

Frame size Seat tube length Top tube slope, degrees Seat tube angle, degrees Chainstay length Bottom bracket drop Head tube angle, degrees
Top tube lengthHead tube length

Size-Specific Components, Men's Bikes

Frame size* Stem Length & Angle Handlebar Width, c-t-c Crankarm Length Wheel size
Top tube lengthHead tube length
49.59.08cm, 84d38cm170mm700c
50.510.58cm, 84d38cm170mm700c
51.512.08cm, 96d40cm170mm700c
13.09cm, 96d40cm170mm700c
53.514.59cm, 96d42cm172.5mm700c
54.515.510cm, 96d42cm172.5mm700c
55.517.010cm, 96d42cm172.5mm700c
56.517.511cm, 96d44cm175mm700c
57.518.511cm, 96d44cm175mm700c
58.519.512cm, 96d44cm175mm700c
60.020.512cm, 84d44cm175mm700c
62.021.513cm, 84d44cm175mm700c

Size-Specific Components, Women's Bikes

Frame size* Stem Length & Angle Handlebar Width, c-t-c Crankarm Length Wheel size
Top tube lengthHead tube length
49.59.08cm, 84d36cm170mm700c
50.510.58cm, 96d38cm170mm700c
51.512.08cm, 96d38cm170mm700c
13.09cm, 96d40cm170mm700c
53.514.59cm, 96d40cm172.5mm700c
54.515.510cm, 96d40cm172.5mm700c
55.517.010cm, 96d42cm172.5mm700c
56.517.510cm, 96d42cm175mm700c
57.518.511cm, 96d42cm175mm700c
58.519.511cm, 96d42cm175mm700c
60.020.512cm, 96d44cm175mm700c
62.021.512cm, 84d44cm175mm700c

Frame Geometry Notes

Toe overlap: Some sizes may have some toe overlap. It depends on your shoe, cleat, pedal, crankset, and tire choice.  Make sure you are comfortable with this before ordering.  Questions?  Contact the Beekeepers.

Top tube length is the 'effective' length -- this is the length measured from the intersection of the head tube and top tube, measured horizontal to the ground back to the seat tube or seat post center-line.

Bike size: Top tube length combined with head tube length are better indicators of bike fit than the classic “seat tube length.”

** Standover clearance:  We measure standover height from the ground to the midpoint of the top tube.

General Geometry Notes

  • All specifications are in centimeters unless otherwise indicated.

  • Specifications based on 30mm tires.

  • "Frame reach" is not a particularly effective measurement for determining correct frame size. In fact, the term "frame reach" is deceptive, given what it's actually measures. Top tube length and frame stack are much more helpful for choosing the right bike size. We include 'frame reach' because people ask about it all the time. However, be wary of choosing a bike's size based on frame reach.

  • Specification changes occur often because of ongoing component improvements and industry standards. If you have critical measurements for your cycling enjoyment, let the Beekeepers know before placing your order.

Frame Feature Notes:

  • Fender mounts: None.

  • Rack mounts: None.

  • Three bottle mounts: One on seat tube, one on top of the down tube, and one under the down tube.

  • Decal options: Blasted or gray reflective

  • Head tube diameter: 44mm headset

  • Seat post diameter: 27.2mm

  • Front derailleur clamp diameter: 34.9mm

  • Rear axle spacing: 142mm with a 12mm thru axle

  • Frame comes with thru-axle with 6mm hex head bolt

  • Brake mount: Frame brake placement is low-mount flat-mount disc

  • Cable routing:

    • Rear brake: Zip guides underside of down tube and top of chainstay. Compatible with hydraulic or mechanical brakes.

    • Front derailleur -- three options: Cable stop on down tube, Di2 internal routing, or no cable stops for a front derailleur.

    • Rear derailleur -- two options: Cable stops on down tube and chainstay or Di2 internal routing.

Fork Features

  • Honey carbon fork, matte black

  • Wheel diameter: 700c

    • Tire, maximum size: 30mm slick

    • Tire, optimal size: 30mm slick

    • Note: Tires often vary in claimed measurements versus actual measured size. Rim width also affects actual tire width. Therefore, some tires will fit better than others.

  • Fender mounts: None.

  • Rack mounts: None. This fork is not designed for loaded panniers. Do not install a rack on this fork.

  • 1.5" tapered steerer for 44mm headset

  • Brake mount: Flat mount fits 140 and 160 mm rotors.

  • 100mm x 12mm thru axle

  • Fork comes with thru-axle with 6mm hex head bolt.