Honey BiFröst Converter Titanium Bike

What is the Honey BiFröst Converter Titanium bike?

The Honey Bifröst, pronounced /ˈbīfrôst/ or ‘byefrost,’ is a handmade titanium dual wheel offering designed specifically for the harshest environments of snow, sand, primitive trails, rocky and rooty terrain, and unknown territory. The BiFrost is ready for anything you’re up for, and then some.

Our term “Converter” means that we designed this bike specifically for two very different types of wheels. This sounds simple but it’s actually rather challenging to optimize a bike design for two conflicting wheel sizes and ride styles. The BiFrost comes with a “fat” 26” x 4.6” wheel system and a “plus” 27.5” x 3.0” wheel set. Learn more details of Honey’s unique Converter Wheel System.

Why dual wheels? One of the unique aspects of the Honey BiFrost is how it handles both wheel sizes perfectly. We can provide a versatile bike that’s fast when plus and adventuresome when fat. Over the past decade we’ve figured out how to push frame design in new ways so we can offer two bikes in one — and without limitation in either mode. This is a true four season bike with no compromise in any season.

Honey Converter Titanium, side studio.jpg

Choosing the Titanium or Steel BiFröst

Honey offers the BiFrost in titanium only. All of our harsh weather bikes — those designed for snow, sleet, and other elements that rust steel — are exclusively available in titanium. While the up front investment is slightly higher, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower over a 5-year time-span.

Why is the Honey BiFröst Titanium the ideal fat tire AND plus tire bike?


While the BiFrost is somewhat unique in that it provides a balanced and fast right both fat and plus wheel sizes, we’d put BiFrost up against any pure fat or plus bike on the market. You really get two bikes in one. First is a super fun fat bike that can go anywhere at any time. Second is a fast and nimble plus bike that’s ready for any mountain bike trails and is nearly as fast as the best 29er race bike. How is this possible? We’ve been designing dual wheel bikes for nearly a decade and we’ve been riding fat and plus since the first tires were available. Some of Honey’s most popular bikes are the plus and fat.

When you’re riding the fat wheel setup you’ll never want to take them off. This setup can handle the toughest ride you throw at it. The titanium frame can match the harshest of conditions. Put studded tires on this machine and you’ll not come home until well after dark.

When you’re riding the plus wheel configuration you’ll be fast because the ride is so smooth and the tire contact patch is so large. It’s counter-intuitive that a bigger tire could feel as fast as a light 29er but Honey’s handpicked wheel systems are as light as they come and are still as durable as any wheel-system on the market. The plus setup is about as good of an all-rounder as you could ask for.

The BiFrost Converter Titanium is priced to provide you more value than any other titanium bike on the market.  And titanium is the best material for this kind of riding.  It's the lightest bike in its class compared to any bike with a matching parts kit.  So, it is kind of the best of the best. times two.  

Designed and Handmade in the United States

Each Honey frame conceived, designed, and built in the United States.  Wherever possible we use US sourced materials, too.  Read why we think building Honeys in the US really does matter.  The reasons are many.

The BiFrost has become one of our favorite bikes to ride. We know you’ll agree.

More Details About The BiFröst Titanium


BiFröst Titanium Pricing

Honey offers three ways to get a BiFrost Converter Titanium:

  • Frameset Pricing:

    • With carbon rigid fork: $3,095

    • With Rock Shox suspension fork: $3,295

  • Frame and fork pricing: Pricing depends on fork choice — rigid carbon or suspension. Contact us for pricing.

  • Complete Bike with Honey's Curated Parts Packages: Prices starting at $5,595 with rigid carbon fork and a single set of wheel.

Our Curated Parts Packages are what we've found to work really well - and for which we can vouch.  These kits offer the best value -- function, low-service, durability, lightweight -- for the money.

Titanium Tubeset Design


Each of the 8 bike sizes has its own tubeset  -- the Honey Wildflower set -- that we've optimized for the size of the bike and the likely size of the rider.  The tubing begins with the toughest, longest fatigue life titanium that's available.  We've been working with titanium for more than 30-years so we know the industry.  Then we tailor the material to the application of harsh weather tough adventure rides.  We think this Wildflower tubeset helps us create the best riding fat+plus bike available.

Size-Specific Tubing:  This may sound trivial but true size-specific designs mean that a 22.5” top tube bike has a very different tubeset specification than a 23.5” bike.  Tubeset is important because a 0.001" change in wall thickness throughout the frame equates to about a 3% different in ride feel.  For reference, a typical piece of paper is 0.003".  That thickness change equates to about a 10% change in ride feel.  Small changes make a big difference.

Impervious to the environment: Titanium never rusts. Never oxidizes. Ride in the snow, sleet, rain, river crossings, winter road salt, salt water air. Nothing will damage the titanium. If you ride in wet weather — and what adventure rides doesn’t have water somewhere — there is nothing better than titanium.

Durability:  We're interested in building bike that are truly going to be around for the long haul.  This requires designing with the best titanium available.  Just as is true with any material, there is good and bad.  Titanium is so sensitive to flaws that it's even more important to use first quality titanium in our frames.  Proper welding technique, endless fatigue testing, and thoughtful part design all lead to maximizing your frame's fatigue life.

Toughness:  The titanium that Honey sources is as tough as any bike material can get.  Adventure riding demands durability; you don't want to be 20-miles out on a trail with a broken dropout hanger or cracked bottom bracket shell.  First quality material is one secret to having the toughest bikes on the trail.

Ride Quality:  Titanium, when applied well, can absorb much more shock and vibration than any other material.  Not every titanium bike rides well but Honey's 30-plus years of titanium framebuilding provides us unique insight into optimizing ride quality. A smooth ride may seem redundant due to the size of the tires on the BiFrost but the suspension that comes from tire pressure and the suspension that comes from the frame feel very different. We guarantee that you will feel the difference in the frame, even with the fatest of fat tires on the bike.

Here is more information about our titanium frames and why they're fairly wonderful.

BiFröst Titanium Bike Fit & Geometry


Our chart of BiFrost Conveter Titanium geometry provides all the details you'll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 9-sizes of the BiFrost, we're certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 9 sizes to fit just about anyone. We make women's and men's bike setups, too.

  • 0.5” top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.

  • High and Tight: When compared to a typical mountain bike, the BiFrost geometry puts the rider slightly more upright, slightly shorter reach, and a slightly more forward center of gravity. All of these modifications provide:

    • A more comfortable position for adventure riding. We’re not winning races on this bike we’re winning the exploration and fun competitions.

    • A slightly more forward rider position give you more control of the front end. However, because of the large tires contact patch you still have fantastic tire traction at the rear of the bike. This creates an excellent gravity balance between the wheels.

    • The bigger and softer tires require better control of the bike. sitting slightly more forward improves front end control and reduces rider fatigue.

    • This progressive rider position also helps make the bike more nimble. The bike feels a lot easier to handle than a typcial fat bike. Some of this is due to rider position.

  • Winter Riding: While the BiFrost is a versatile bike that’s equally at home in the sand, loam, or craggy rocks of summer, we’ve ridden through many winters and have some strong opinions about what makes an ideal winter riding position. In short, you want a position that’s a bit shorter, more upright, and more open than at other times of the year. There are three primary reasons for this:

    • Winter clothing is much more restrictive than summer season riding gear. You’re layering. You’re wearing restrictive tights. You’re wearing big gloves and big boots. The entire sport becomes very different. This more restrictive clothing benefits from a more open rider position. By being less restricted you’ll have much more control of the bike and actually feel faster and safer.

    • Cold weather keeps you cold. Maybe it seems obvious. However, in the summer your body warms up and becomes much more flexible and limber. In cold winters your body takes a lot longer to settle in, or if it’s really cold won’t really settle in at all. The BiFrost fit works well in these conditions.

    • When you’re cold you can’t truly relax. Therefore you’re never 100% settled on the bike. A slightly more compact ride is easier and more comfortable to handle. You’ll be faster and more confident on descents and tight technical singletrack.

  • Optimized for varied terrain: The BiFrost is designed for rides on much more varied terrain than a typical fat bike or plus bike, so the rider position provides a slightly shorter reach and a slightly higher bar than a pure single purpose bike. This position also helps prevent lower back pain and protects your body better during long rides on the trail.

Honey BiFrost Converter in Snow.JPG

BiFröst Titanium Handling & Performance

Bike geometry:  With its stable front end, optimized trail, high bottom bracket, and long wheel base the BiFrost makes for a great adventure all-season ride.

  • Predictable and sure-footed handling through thoughtful frame geometry, tubeset selection, and component curation. Some of this is obvious and some of this runs very counter to popular current frame design fads.

    • Predictable because when you're not sure what's around the next corner on that snowy hidden trail, you want to know that the bike will do what you want it to do. Sometimes people confuse quick handling with predictable handling; in general, quick is not actually very helpful; predictable handling -- at all speeds and in all conditions -- is extremely helpful. And helps you ride faster.

    • Sure-footed because when you're in the fifth hour of a long adventure ride you don't want an overly quick or squirrely bike; that's exhausting to manage -- and a bit dangerous. This bike behavior will help you settle in and relax on the bike -- an important feature of an adventure bike.

  • Excellent tracking and traction: The Honey proprietary seatstay design and tubing provide improved traction and predictability on any decent and on any trail surface. The titanium BiFrost will help keep your tires connected to the trail. You'll be able to ride faster and more sure-footedly.

  • Excellent climbing ability: The BiFrost’s titanium frame tubing employs stiff chainstays for efficient power transfer to get you up the hills faster and with less effort. There is no stiffer titanium drivetrain available on a fat or plus bike.

  • Frame size-specific tubing: This ensures the best possible handling at the lowest possible frame weight. We selected each tube, with specificity, for each BiFrost frame size.

What's In A Name?

Why the name BiFröst?  Lots of reasons.

  • BiFröst is a Norse word from their mythology.  Bifrost is the bridge between earth and the realm of the gods.  It translates to "rainbow bridge."  The indication is that this bike will take you places you couldn't go before.  

  • We chose a Norwegian name because Norway is rough terrain -- the ideal place for the BiFrost Converter.  The tougher the terrain the happier the bike.

  • Bi- means two, for the two wheel sizes that work ideally for this Converter.

  • -Frost indicates winter.  While this bike is by no means a winter-focused bike, fat bike tires are most often associated with winter riding.  Even plus size tires are associated with snow riding.  Regardless, this bike is a true all season bike.  Plus tires in the summer offer some of the funnest riding available.

  • Frost is a hat tip to Robert Frost, the poet.  The Converter series of bikes is based on taking two paths.  We take this loosely from Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken."  With the BiFrost you can take both paths because you have both types of wheelsets.

  • The name’s pronunciation “Bye Frost” means saying goodbye to the frost — cold rides feel a lot warmer when you’re on a great bike!