Honey Bikes for Women


Honey's bikes for women are function-specific, well-defined, specialty bikes for dedicated purposes. Honey's line includes over a dozen bike styles each designed for a very specific use and a woman's body-type in mind. No Honey bike for women is a re-purposed men's bike. No Honey is a general use, try-to-do-everything bike. Honey designed each women's bike style and functionality from the ground up—including tubing choices, bike fit, handling, and components—for a very specific and narrowly defined purpose.

We design for women based on feel of contact points, fit of the frame, and fit of the components.

We divide Honey bikes into two broad categories:  Drop Bar Bikes and Flat Bar Bikes.

Not sure which model might be right for you?  Or want more information about a specific model?  Email the Beekeepers.

Drop Bar Bikes

Women's Road Racing Bikes

Final 200 Meters - Designed for criteriums and US road racing, this bike will accelerate you fastest through the final 200 meters of any race. This is the stiffest steel bike on the road.

Race Day - Designed for 60-100 mile US road races. 100% race fit, handling, and performance. Stiff drivetrain with a smooth ride for longer distance road racing.

Women's Road Bikes

Road Day Ride - Designed for all-day riding—centuries and single day excursions. The Honey Day Ride series offers a stable, comfortable, slightly more upright bike than a "standard road" bike.

Weather - This is Honey's all-weather training bike series. Honey Weathers come with long-reach brakes.

Women's Commuting & Urban Bikes

Commuter - Honey's commuting-specific bike series. They come with belt-drives and internal gearing.

Urban - Simple urban fixies. Available with belt drive and chain drive.

Women's Road Endurance Bikes

Winterando - A serious endurance bike. Ideally suited for the "long ride" - even under the harshest weather. It even loves riding in dirt because it can fit up to 33c slicks or 30c knobby tires.

Randonee - This is a pure randonee and brevet bike. Designed with stable geometry for predictable handling - even when you're on your 20th hour in the saddle. Comfortable, classic, durable.

Touring - Designed for the most serious multiday loaded pannier riding

Women's Mixed-Terrain 700c Bikes

Winterando - A serious endurance bike. Ideally suited for the "long ride" - even under the harshest weather. It loves riding in mixed-terrain because it can fit up to 33c slicks or 30c knobby tires. It's Honey's lightest weight mixed-terrain bike.

Allroads - This is a next generation, forward-looking brevet bike that will be happy on any road - paved or gravel. Disc brakes and 605b or 700 wheels make this a super versatile choice for all kinds of surface conditions.

Women's Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross Race - Designed specifically for contemporary American UCI sanctioned ‘cross racing. Very quick handling and tight geometry.

Cyclocross Euro - The Euro is ideal for fast non-technical courses that demand more speed than finesse. This bike features a very high bottom bracket mated to a super stiff road-bike-like feel.

Cyclocross CX1 Disc - Honey's disc-specific cross race bike specifically designed for 10x1 or 11x1 gear setup. Low-maintenance, all-performance, and perfect for the harshest of conditions. This may be the perfect New England race bike.

Cyclocross CX1 Canti - Honey's cross race bike specifically designed for 10x1 or 11x1 gear setup. Faster, lighter, tighter, and simpler. The perfect contemporary cross race bike.

Cyclocross Singlespeed Disc - Racing singlespeed cross demands every watt of power to be transferred through the frame to the rear wheel. We've designed the Honey Singlespeed to deliver on this promise. Stiff light and simple, the Singlespeed Cross may be the perfect race bike. The disc version of our Singlespeed is best suited for harsh weather and the toughest race courses.

Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti - The Singlespeed Canti delivers the same promise as the Singlespeed Disc but this bike is significantly lighter. This bike is ideally suited for fast courses that require optimal acceleration. This bike loves run-ups and to be shouldered because it's so light.

Cyclocross Utility - Designed for cross racing, riding, training, and whatever else you want to do with this bike. Super versatile and very race worthy.

Allroads - The Honey Allroads is so versatile that a number of riders have been racing these in cyclocross events. the Allroads shatters preconceived notions about what a 'cross bike needs to be. Equally at home on the race course of a hundred miles into the woods, the Allroads will change the way you ride.

Women's Bikepacking Bikes - Drop Bar

Packmule - Drop Bar - The Packmule is Honey’s all purpose bikepacking machine. The Packmule can go just about anywhere and handle just about anything. It’s not the fastest bike that Honey makes but it is the bike that promised the most adventure per mile.

Travelall - Drop Bar - The Travelall is Honey's bikepacking fat bike. This bike really is for traveling anywhere, anytime, over any distance. This is the ultimate super-duty bike.

Women's Tandem Bikes - Drop Bar

Tandem Road - Designed to fit: with 27 size options, the Honey's fully loaded tandem series is ready for serious multi-day riding. Honey Road Tandems include disc brakes and are ready for fenders and front and rear panniers.

Flat Bar Bikes

Women's Bikepacking Bikes - Flat Bar

Packmule - Rising

Travelall - Rising

Women's Mountain Bikes

Mountain 29er - Contemporary hardtail series. Quick handling and tight geometry.

Mountain 27.5" - Contemporary hardtail series. A perfect balance of comfort and agility.

Mountain 26" - Contemporary hardtails available in 12-sizes with innovative frame tubing design.

Women's Fat Bikes - Flat Bar

Offtrail - There is no off season with the Offtrail. This bike can take you anywhere over anything for all explorations.

Travelall - Rising

Women's Tandem Mountain Bikes - Flat Bar

Tandem Mountain - Yes; mountain tandems.

Not sure which model might be right for you?  Or want more information about a specific model?  Contact the Beekeepers.

Designing Bikes Specifically for Women

The Busy Bees at Honey—some of whom are women—have been designing and building women's bikes, for various companies, for nearly 20-years. Honey sees important differences between women's and men's bikes and bodies. That's one reason that Honey offers such a wide range of women's bikes—with more than 30 women's models from which to choose! In fact, every model Honey offers for "men" Honey also designs specifically to fit a woman's body.

Honey also knows that the idea of a "women's bike" or a "men's bike" is a bit of a fallacy. Some women fit really well on "men's" bikes and some men are better fit on "women's" bikes.

Honey's way of achieving the best possible bike designs for women is comprehensive and threefold:

  1. Feel: Honey tailors the bike's contact points—saddle, handlebars, and controls—specifically to a woman's body. These adapted contact points will be more comfortable.
  2. Fit of the Frame: Achieving the best riding position begins with the correct frame size and shape. A Honey guarantees a better fit than any other stock bike because Honeys come in 12-sizes—and 11-styles. This allows the rider to choose between a few sizes—thereby getting the best fit. Improved frame fit helps reduce overall fatigue, back pain, hip issues, and lots of other problems.
  3. Fit of the Components: Honey fine-tunes the riding position by choosing the correct female oriented components, including gender-specific stem length and angle, saddle type, handlebar width and reach, and controls—brakes and shifters—size and shape. This helps alleviate shoulder pain, hand numbness, hip problems, and lots of other issues that can arise from a poorly fitted bike.

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Feel: Contact Points on the Bike

Every rider has three contact points on a bike—saddle, handlebar, and pedals. When appropriate, Honey tailors these contact points to the female rider:

  • Saddle: Honey bikes for women often come with a slightly wider saddle, because a woman's hip bones tend to be wider than a man's. Of course, saddle feel is a very personal choice; a wider saddle isn't universally the ideal choice for every woman. If you have narrower hips, a narrower saddle—often considered a "men's" saddle—might feel better.
  • Handlebar & Controls: Honey bikes for women come with a narrower handlebar, in many cases. This is because a woman's shoulders tend to be narrower than a man's. And sometimes, when appropriate, the Honey has different brake and shifter levers—depending on the bike model and size.
  • Shoes: Shoes are the third contact point, and Honey doesn't offer shoes. We recommend that you work with your favorite local retailer to try some shoes and have them professionally fit.

Of course, these are generalizations, and it would not be ideal for every woman to have these component alterations be applied to every Honey bike size, in every Honey bike style, for each Honey series. Honey applies these rules when and where they are appropriate and they provide a better bike riding experience.

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Fit of the Frame: Fundamental Riding Position

Choosing the right frame size is the first step to getting the ideal fit. Fortunately, because Honeys come in so many sizes and shapes, you can choose the best possible match of handlebar reach and height, relative to your saddle height. One of the benefits of all the size options is a reduction in overall fatigue, back pain, hip issues, and lots of other problems.

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Fit of the Components: Fine-Tuning Riding Position

Honey not only chooses component contact points specifically for women, Honey also places those points in space, better for women's bodies.

  • Honey Saddles for women are typically slightly more forward, for better pelvic rotation and a slightly more upright feel.
  • Stems on Honey bikes for women usually provide a slightly higher handlebar height which helps open up lungs and torso; the stem choice also helps reinforce improved pelvic rotation.
  • Women's Honey Handlebars have a shorter reach and narrower width—when appropriate. This helps reduce shoulder fatigue and other upper body and arm issues.
  • The rider's Controls—brake levers and shifters, where appropriate—on Honey bikes for women may have a slightly smaller and more natural fit. This improvement can help reduce hand fatigue and numbness, and arm and shoulder pain.

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These design points, along with a lot of science, make up Honey's extensive women's bike line.