Honey Bike on Display at the ibex Newbury Street store


photo 4 Be sure to stop by Ibex Outdoor Clothing on Newbury Street in Boston this summer to see our Honey Cyclocross Race bike on display.

This bike is perfect for the upcoming CX season.  We designed the Honey Cyclocross Race specifically for contemporary American UCI 'cross racing with it's quick handling and tight geometry.  This race model can handle pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles and keep you moving fast through the course.  The frame and fork will fit up to 40c tires while maintaining excellent mud clearance.

This bike is also unique because we've designed a limited edition paint scheme that highlights Honey's paint skill.  The colors are amethyst, white, and black.  You'll be highly visible on the start-line and at the finish - whether the bike is covered in mud or not.  The paint design is only available through the end of this year.

photo 7

Why this bike? Designed specifically for US style race courses that are right, technical and enjoy lots of accelerations.  Steel provides a feel and control not available in other materials- and this steel frame is weight competitive.  This bike will push you to ride harder.

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Special Features:

  • New tubeset for 2015: four ounces lighter than last year.
  • Brake system options: this bike is set up with the lightest weight brake system.  Disc brake options are available.
  • Fits UCI legal 33c tires with generous mud clearance for the toughest New England cross race courses.
  • Limited Edition Paint Scheme: This is one of our special schemes for the current season.

We're excited to have our Honey at ibex on Newbury because we love their gear.  Ibex Outdoor Clothing is a designer of year-round merino wool outdoor clothing and cycling apparel, founded in the belief of the superior natural performance properties of wool.  Ibex has been known for its Duo bike shorts for over a decade. With a form fit mixture of spandex through the seat and inner legs and lightweight Merino wool throughout the remainder of the short, it provides for natural breathability and temperature regulation.

We look forward to a great CX season ahead and especially look forward to seeing one of our favorite Ibex sponsored teams, The Drifters, out on the course.

Overland Base Camp's Diverged Ride


Overland Base Camp's Season Opener is happening again this Saturday, April 25th!  This ride is hosted by Ride Studio Café in Lexington, MA and sponsored by Honey Bikes.  This ride is free and includes breakfast for all the riders.

Waffles before Diverged - photo - Rob Vandermark

Diverged is all about riding the trails and roads less taken.  Inspired by Robert Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken, it's one of our favorite rides because it's still early in the season so we get to see the trails come to life, and travel many different terrains on our route.

Diverged Ride in the Woods - photo - Rob Vandermark

The ride offers two distances as well as some different speed options to fit your pace.

The longer ride is 38 miles of pavement, gravel, dirt, and rocks.  About half of the ride is unpaved with some singletrack, too.  This ride is expected to take between 3.5 - 5 hours.  You can also choose 17 miles of the same terrain, which is expected to take between 2.5 - 4 hours.

There will be a fun pace for those who want to take pictures, enjoy the weather and ease into the season, a medium pace to challenge and push riders without overdoing it, and a fast pace which will have you riding at your threshold with no time for pictures.

Group sizes are limited.  Get more details and sign up for your ride at Diverged Overview page.

Packmule Dropbar: From Lightweight to Heavy-Duty Bikepacking


Honey Bike's Packmule is a very serious bikepacking bike.  Designed from the ground up, from our years of bikepacking experience, the Packmule brings together all the best elements of a durable 'packer made for anything from an overnight excursion to a continental traverse.  We're very proud of this US handmade bike. The Packmule Dropbar will change the way you ride.

Here is the Packmule Dropbar in a few configurations - from lightweight to fully-loaded.  The Packmule loves to ride in any configuration!

Packmule side seat, bar, fork bagsPackmule side seat and bar bagsPackmule side seat bag   Packmule side no bags or bottles

Trail Wizard Raffle Winner

10686901_10152744682259608_7528669872139625135_n Last September Honey and Lone Wolf Cycling held a weekend of adventure riding hosted by the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA. It was a great weekend of offtrail and on pavement adventure riding. Putting on back to back rides of this type was an ambitious undertaking but was well worth it! So many smiles per mile!


As part of the weekend Lone Wolf and Honey created a trail fund called the Trail Wizard. It was inspired by all the rides we had all done to put the two routes together for the weekend. While riding with the Lone Wolf crew in Weston we started laughing and singing "Trail Wizard". At first it wasn't clear whether we were the Trail Wizards or if we were looking for the Trail Wizard. Regardless, the name stuck and it gave birth to the idea to create a fund that would support local trail work. Adventure riding or mtn biking on CX and Allroad-style bikes wouldn't be possible without the work of all the great advocacy groups who lobby to keep access open and who build and maintain the actual trails.


We decided to do a raffle at the after party of the Lone Wolf ride on Sunday, September 14th. Honey donated an Allroads frameset to be raffled off. To say people were excited to win the bike was an understatement. Proceeds from the raffle were used to help Belmont in Philadelphia. It was a great partnership between two regions, Philly and Boston, who embrace the same sense of adventure and love of riding in the woods!


The winner of the raffle was Jonathan Sainsbury, a local rider from Cambridge, MA! He is a designer and asked if he could come up with a concept for an original paint scheme for the bike. He integrated some of the LWC Trail Wizard graphics we had used on the event. One of the fun things about the Allroads bike is that it can be so many things to so many riders. It is always exciting to see how each rider specs their bike to suit their vision of what Allroads means.


Jonathan's paint scheme has so many fantastic little details going on it that tell a personal narrative about the bike and what it is all about. It is a testament to the painters at Honey that they can always take a rider's vision and turn it into a beautiful work of rideable art.


A lot of people work on each Honey. Each bike is built to order, one at a time and by hand. The signatures on Jonathan's Allroads reflect just how much passion went into his bike.


There are a lot of adventures ahead for this bike. We hope Jonathan loves his new Honey! Look for the bike at the Honey Winter Party on March 7th and hopefully Jonathan can join us on the Diverged ride on April 25th!


Winter Warmer


honey-fat-bikeWe have been riding the Offtrail pretty much non-stop since we launched the bike at this year's Providence Cross Festival Builder's Ball. What we have found in that time is that the bike is pretty much our favorite trail bike. Winter has been slow to descend upon us here in New England this year. We have had a few snow storms and some bitter cold but not the 70 inches of snow we had last Winter. This has been a great opportunity to test the Offtrail in a very varied and ever changing off road test track! We put 4" Surly Nate tires on the bike initially to give it a great balance between trail handling and stability/shock absorption. The Nates are a fantastic tire for trail riding. Pretty much the perfect woods tire in my opinion. Great traction on mud and rocks but also fast and nimble in singletrack. But the biggest challenge in the winter for riding a bike isn't snow it is ice. Snow can slow you down and make the going tough. Ice can break your hip. Sounds dramatic but its true. One crash on ice and you will be a believer in studded tires.


I got a reminder a few weeks ago at just how hard a crash you can have on a patch of ice. While riding Blue Hills with some friends I came bombing down a trail. They were up ahead yelling what I thought was "RIGHT" aka turn right. They were in fact yelling "ICE" I of course wanted to impress my friends with my rad skills so didn't touch the brakes and just went faster. I crashed so fast and hard I had to lie on the ground for a moment doing an internal check to make sure I wasn't broken. Thankfully I crashed so fast I didn't even let go of the bars. Likely saving my wrist/collarbone. The multiple layers and "winter weight" probably saved my hip. I was bruised and sore for days but otherwise unscathed.

But I got my winter wake up call and put the studded tires on. To say I am impressed by the 45NRTH Dillingers is an understatement. They weigh in about the same as the Surly Nates that don't have studs. They are a "faster" rolling tire if you will as well. I have taken them out on a frozen pond (which was a bit nerve wracking) and over sheer ice under snow. They hook up so well. The tires even work well on some of the trails that aren't covered in snow.

This winter has been a blast so far. There are a bunch of Fat Bike events locally that look like a ton of fun:

• January 24-March 7th there is the Fatty Walrus Fat Bike Series in Haverhill, MA

• January 31 DAS Fat Bike Fest in Danielson, CT

• February 1 Wicked Nor'eastah, Easton, MA at Borderlands

• February 22 FATWEASELS, Goshen, MA