Honey Commuter Bike Series Design Details

Honey Commuter Design Features

The Honey Commuter design philosophy is: Clean, simple, low-maintenance.

  • Clean, simple, "no grease" drivetrain: Honey Commuters have belt drive systems and internal gearing.
  • Hidden gearing: Honey Commuters are available in both single speed and internal multispeed configurations. Either way, there are no external messy gears.
  • Low maintenance: The belt and internal gearing, along with the Commuter's braking system provide extremely low maintenance. You can focus on commuting, not on learning how to be a bike mechanic. There is no lower maintenance bike out there.
  • Riding safety - you're always in control: The Honey Commuter's brakes and gears are always safely within reach because we use a flat or "moustache" handlebar. This type of bar ensures that your hands are always at the controls—very important while commuting in traffic or bad weather.
  • Fenders and mounts: Pre-installed on the frame and fork so your commute won't be hampered by any weather conditions.
  • Comfortable and durable tires: 28c width provides a smoother ride.
  • Rack mounts on frame and fork: Honey's Commuter fork even has mounts for a front low rider rack. And, of course, the frame comes with dropout rack mounts, too.
  • Quiet and peaceful: The Commuter may be the quietest bike you ever own—because of the belt drive system. Perfect and peaceful for the early morning commute or an evening trip home. Help clear your mind.

Honey Commuter Fit

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone.
  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between up to three or four sizes—to fine tune your commuting fit preferences.
  • Flat or "moustache" handlebars provide a more comfortable and slightly more relaxed hand position.
  • A more upright and slightly farther forward riding position allows for:
    • Improved visibility in traffic
    • More overall comfort
    • Wearing work clothes, if appropriate
  • Sloping top tube for plenty of stand-over clearance—at stop lights and such.

Honey Commuter Handling & Performance

  • Control and confidence: The handlebar and brake system provide safety and the best possible control of the bike.
  • Stable handling: A longer wheelbase for more stability in any conditions. Stable even if your Commuter has overloaded panniers.
  • Particularly surefooted handling: Designing the Commuter with larger tires adds to surefooted handling—even in the worst wet or sandy road conditions.
  • More comfort: The Commuter’s size-specific frame tubing and special seatstays provide more comfortable ride. This combined with the Commuter tire choice provides one of the most comfortable rides possible—even on the worst road conditions.
  • Excellent traction: The Honey seat stays and steel fork provide improved traction over any road surface.
  • Ready for a rear rack and panniers: The Commuter’s frame tubing, and braze-ons, take into account the possibility of a rear—and even front—rack for bags, clothing, a laptop, and whatever else you might carry. Load up your Honey Commuter; your bike will still handle predictably and safely.