Honey Cyclocross Euro Bike Series

What is the Honey Cyclocross Euro?

The Cyclocross Euro Honey is a cantilever brake bike designed for European style race courses- the bikes is stable, predictable, responsive and stripped down for cross racing.  The Honey is designed for riders that choose Cyclocross racing as their primary competitive focus—not just an off-season fitness tool.

Cyclocross Euro Bike Series Pricing & Kit Details

Cyclocross Euro Bike Series Design Details

Why is the Honey Cyclocross Euro the ideal cross racing bike?

We designed the Honey Euro to take the best of classic European cross bike geometry and mate it to contemporary components and technology.   This melding results in a bike that handles particularly well because it lowers the riders center of gravity, helps keep the wheels stuck to the ground and takes the edge off the toughest stutter bumps and obstacles.

The Cyclocross Euro foregoes the trend of ever increasing bottom brackets heights for the tried and true perfection that a lower center of gravity affords a skilled rider- more control, more predictable and faster into the corners.  The Cyclocross Euro is one of our favorite bikes.

Cyclocross Euro Bike Fit & Geometry

Our chart of Cyclocross Euro geometry provides all the details you’ll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 12-sizes of the Cyclocross Euro, we’re certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone.  We make women’s and men’s bike setups, too.
  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.
  • A low front end is a hallmark of a true race bike.  This position also enables better utilization of lower back and leg muscles for power riding.