Cyclocross Euro Geometry

Bike size*Seat tube lengthTop tube slope
Seat tube angle
Bottom bracket dropChainstay lengthStandover height
Top tube lengthHead tube length

All specifications in centimeters unless otherwise indicated.

Frameset Feature Notes

  • Wheel diameter:  700c/622mm – these are the same size.
  • Tire, maximum size: 35mm knobby
  • Tire, optimal size: 33mm knobby, because that's the maximum UCI tire size
  • Head tube diameter:  1-1/8"
  • Seat post diameter: 27.2mm
  • Front derailleur clamp diameter:  31.8mm.
  • Rear axle spacing:  135mm with a 10mm quick release.
  • Brake mount:  Cantilever posts.  These work with cantilevers of mini-v brakes.
  • Cable routing:
    • Rear brake:  Cable stops at 12 o'clock on top tube.
    • Front derailleur:  Cable stop on down tube.
    • Rear derailleur:  Cable stop on down tube and chainstay.
  • Two bottle mounts:  one on seat tube, and one on the down tube.  You can request no bottle mounts for pure cross racing if you prefer.
  • Fender mounts: none
  • Rack mounts: none
  • Fork features:
    • Steel or Carbon fork:  1-1/8″ steerer.
    • Axle type:  100mm x 9mm quick release style.
    • Fender mounts – featured on the standard steel fork.

Frame Geometry Notes

Toe overlap:  Because the Cyclocross Euro is a true race bike many of the sizes will have some toe overlap.  Make sure you are comfortable with this before ordering.  Questions?  Contact the Beekeepers.

Bike size: Top tube length combined with head tube length are better indicators of bike fit than the classic “seat tube length.”

*** Standover clearance:  We measure standover height from the ground to the midpoint of the top tube.  Honey's cyclocross bikes tend to sacrifice standover clearance for ease of shouldering for run-ups and dismounts.

General Geometry Notes

  • All specifications are in inches unless otherwise indicated.
  • Specifications subject to change as components and technology improve.  If you have any critical measurements for your cycling enjoyment, let the Beekeepers know before placing your order.