Honey Cyclocross Bike Series


What is the Honey Cyclocross Race?

The Cyclocross Honey is a pure contemporary American race bike—responsive, quick, and stripped down for cross racing. No apologies. The Honey is designed for riders that choose cyclocross racing as their primary competitive focus—not just an off-season fitness tool.

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Why is the Honey Cyclocross the ideal cross racing bike?

We designed the Honey specifically for contemporary US race courses, rather than courses of five or more years ago—before the UCI became the primary standard for course design in The States. In fact, American cyclocross racing now hold a premier place in the international racing scene; about 40 UCI cross events are now held in the United States—even surpassing Belgium in the quantity of UCI cross races!

These recent changes in course style may seem subtle in some ways, but they add up quickly—lap after lap. Today's American UCI-sanctioned cyclocross races typically involve:

  • Shorter laps: Due, in part to public land access challenges. Shorter laps mean more turns, and more technical turns. A more nimble bike is of benefit here.
  • Tighter turns: Turns on a shorter course mean more intense out-of-the-saddle accelerations. Rider and bike weight distribution along with frame tubing selection both play an important role in maximizing out-of-corner explosive accelerations
  • More speed: For longer stretches during each lap. This requires a stiffer drivetrain and more characteristics of a road bike and rider position.
  • More drafting: Increase average speed means aerodynamics of the rider's position is playing a more important role than ever before. Bike geometry and overall rider-bike balance are affected.
  • More competitors: More racers means bike handling is more important; quicker handling helps navigate through packs, passing riders, and avoiding pileups.
  • More competition: More riders, and a UCI focus, mean cross racing is more competitive than ever. For example, getting into corners faster, and getting out of them just as fast, is critical. "Faster in" requires precision handling, better braking, and even easier dismounts—on occasion. "Faster out" requires better acceleration, traction, and gearing.

This higher average speed and intensity mean more opportunities for missed holeshots, remounting errors, clip-in fumbles, pileups, and other mistakes. Many of these errors are exacerbated by the bike. So, the bike—and how it works with you—is more important than ever. Any domestic UCI competitor can benefit from a bike designed specifically for contemporary American courses.

We took all of this into account when designing the Honey Cyclocross Series; we've tailored the geometry, handling, tubing, and components to this more intense US course style—with all the increased speed, pack riding, and even drafting.