Honey Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti Series Bike


What is the Honey Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti?

If you're looking for the purest form of cross racing, this is the bike.  Racing singlespeed cross demands every watt of power to be transferred through the frame to the rear wheel. We've designed the Honey Singlespeed to deliver on this promise. Stiff, light, and simple, the Singlespeed Cross may be the perfect race bike.

The Singlespeed Canti delivers the same promise as the Singlespeed Disc but this bike is significantly lighter. This bike is ideally suited for fast courses that require optimal acceleration. This bike loves run-ups and to be shouldered because it's so light.  The Honey is designed for riders that choose Cyclocross racing as their primary competitive focus—not just an off-season fitness tool.

Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti Series Bike Pricing & Kit Details

Cyclocross Singlespeed Cantilever Bike Design Features

  • Frame: Steel size-specific custom butted tubing US Handmade
  • Bottom bracket drop: Size-specific design optimized for rider and bike size. Drops range from 6.5 cm to 7.0 cm average 6.7 cm
  • Designed for shouldering: While this has a negative effect on stand over clearance, shouldering takes precedence in race situations.
  • 35c cross tires: This bike comes with 35c tires for excellent mixed terrain courses.
  • Honey Bar and Stem: Honey superlight 3D forged aluminum

Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti Bike Fit & Geometry

Our chart of Cyclocross Singlespeed Canti geometry provides all the details you’ll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 12-sizes of this model, we’re certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone.  We make women’s and men’s bike setups, too.
  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.
  • A low front end is a hallmark of a true race bike.  This position also enables better utilization of lower back and leg muscles for power riding.