Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive at Honey.  If you have a question, please contact us.

"Does Honey sell just complete bikes, or frames too?"

Yes, Honey sells both!

  • Framesets:
    • Steel:  They include the frame, fork and stem because we paint them to match.  However you can purchase just a frame or a frame and fork without the matching stem.
    • Titanium:  This includes a frame and fork -- no stem.  The frame and fork are together because we design them as an integrated set.
  • Complete Bikes: Our complete bikes typically include everything except pedals.  We do offer pedals but they are not included in the prices you see on the site.

On the site we show popular complete bike component setups, but we also offer fairly customized component setups too.  Contact us with any specific requests.

"How do I know which Honey bike model is right for me?"

We are very interested in making a bike for every rider.  There are different features on every model which could mean a slight change in geometry to make a bike more or less aggressive, different brake mounts, or the amount of tire clearance you might get per your frame choice.  Even if the differences are slight, all of our bikes have different functions to accommodate the growing and changing variety of riders and riding styles.

The Honey bike model that is best for each rider depends on the type of riding the individual wants to do with the bike, including the terrain, conditions, climate, weather, what you carry with you on your bike, component preferences, the amount of time spent on a single ride and if you do multi-day rides.

We set up our men's model table and women's model table to help determine which is the right bike for different kinds of riding.

"What does the ordering process look like at Honey?"

We have streamlined the ordering process to get your bike to you as quickly as possible.

  1. Choose your model.
  2. Choose your size. The best way to do this is to have a professional fitting at your favorite bike shop. The fitter will determine your ideal rider position. You send that to us, and Honey can figure out the correct bike size based on your fitting.
  3. Choose your parts kit.
  4. Choose your color and scheme.
  5. Honey confirms all the details with you in writing and you sign off on the design.
  6. Place a 50% deposit through PayPal.
  7. Your bike goes into production and Honey provides you weekly updates on its progress along with photos.
  8. Pay the balance prior shipping.
  9. Honey ships the frameset and kit to your preferred retailer where they will assemble the bike for you.
  10. Ride.  Ride.  Ride.

"Does Honey work with retailers?"

Yes we work with retailers.  Here are the various ways:

  • Authorized retailer list.  We only have a couple.
  • If Honey doesn't have a retailer in your area, Ask your favorite local bike retailer if they can order you a Honey.  If there is a local retailer with which you love to work, and you think they would be perfect fit with Honey, let us know.  We’d be happy to work with you and your favorite retailer to build your Honey.
  • You can also order a Honey directly from us.

"What is the Honey Warranty?"

Every single Honey frame is built by hand, one at a time, in the USA, by the best framebuilders in the world.  Our frames are also built of the best materials available.  Our frame warranty is one of the strongest in the bike industry.  Read the details here.