Honey Final 200 Meters Race Bike Series

final 200 meters

What is the Honey Final 200 Meters bike?

This is a pure criterium and circuit race bike designed to get you through the final 200 meters faster than any other bike.  Honey offers this model in 12 sizes so it’ll fit like no other bike you've raced.

Final 200 Meters Race Bike Series Geometry

Final 200 Meters Race Bike Series Pricing and Kit Details

Why is the Honey Final 200 Meters the ideal racing bike?

  • Lighter than carbon bikes at the same price-point
  • Drivetrain stiffness that matches stiff carbon bikes
  • Handling optimized for tight, shoulder-to-shoulder criterium racing
  • Vertical compliance equal to that of Honey’s Day Ride bike - plusher that you'd expect

Special Features:

  • The stiffest steel bike on the road.  Oversized tubing includes 1” chain stays and 1.5” down tube.  The bike maintains Honey’s smooth ride through the application of sleek seatstays and other design features.
  • Paint scheme:  This is Honey’s first “race” scheme.  It’s a bold red-on-red, statement-making scheme that may just get into your psyche.  Honey offers this bike in four schemes:
    • Red Scheme:  Red, White, Red Metallic
    • Stealth Scheme:  Platinum, White, Charcoal
    • Race Scheme:  Red, Black, White
    • Twilight Scheme:  Dark Metallic Blue, Light Blue, Black
    • Honey offers a Crash Protection program for the 200 Meters.  Ask the Beekeepers for details.

 General Pricing

  • Price for frameset:  $1,895 for frame, fork, and stem
  • Price Range for Bike:  $2,995 - $5,495