Honey Winterando Bike Series


What is the Honey Winterando bike?

This may be The One Bike – the machine that can do everything better than most bikes.  When outfitted with 33c tires and fenders and you’ll be ready for the worst winter roll – making it the funnest roll.  Switch to road tires and you’re ready hang with the fastest club ride.

This unique randonneur bike is a happy contradiction:  stable and fast.  Quite fast in fact.  It has a stiff drivetrain for getting up the gravel hills quickly; it feels securely connected to the ground on washed out gravel descents.  It just feels fast.

This isn't a classic randonneur bike; we're breaking some conventions.  This bike isn't just about the journey; this bike is also about getting to the destination.  Time is often a factor when you want to enjoy the end of the ride as much as you've enjoyed getting to that point.  No matter how much you're enjoying the 400k, getting to the finish faster than last time is likely a powerful sentiment.  To that end we've incorporated some frame design tricks we've learned from racing bike design.  We think we've created a perfect balance between riding fast and riding all day.

Winterando Bike Geometry

Winterando Series Bike Pricing and Kit Details


Special Features

  • A serious endurance randonneur bike.  Smooth steel feel with all the features that you’d want on a 400k ride.
  • A rando bike that’s equally happy in winter weather.  Designed to fit 33c tires and fenders, this bike can do just about anything.
  • Carbon fiber fork that accepts 33c tires and serious fenders.
  • Wide gearing that offers a nearly 1:1 ratio for climbing gravel walls.  This bike is set up with a 34:32 ratio.

Design Details

  • Fender mounts on frame and fork.
  • Tire Options:  Fits up to 33c tires and fenders
  • Custom Fork:  Our customized fork designed for medium reach brakes is carbon; we offer a steel fork, too.
  • Wheel Size:  The Winterando's default wheel size is 700c.  We also offer this model with 650b wheels and tires.  Let us know your preference.
  • Trail:  The Winterando's stock trail is what most would consider "neutral" by road bike standards.  We find this handling to be good for most applications of the Winterando.  There are times when lower trail might be appreciated and we can accommodate this, if you prefer.

Paint Schemes

  • Available in any standard Honey color
  • Late Night:  Black, amber, silver, and white - shown on this page
  • Grayed Out:  Charcoal, platinum, and silver
  • Blacked Out:  Black and Charcoal - matte and gloss paint

Weight: 19.3ibs as shown - 55.5cm top tube

Price Range for Bike:  $3,195 - $4,495

Price as Shown:  $4,195 with Shimano Ultegra and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels