Honey MidDurance Titanium

What is the Honey MidDurance Titanium bike?

The MidDurance bike is Honey's performance distance bike for pavement, dirt roads, and some gravel riding -- in any weather and through all four seasons.

This bike begs you to take the long road home.

The name MidDurance is a contraction of Mid-Reach Caliper Brake Endurance Ride.  This describes the bike pretty well.  However, there's a lot more to the bike.  The Honey MidDurance excels at:

  • Endurance Riding:  As the the name MidDurance suggests, we've designed the bike to excel at long rides.  The longer the better.  We consider long rides to start at about 5 hours and longer.  While 5 hours isn't super long, this is the tipping point between where a classic road performance bike's attributes tend to get in the way of endurance performance.  If you enjoy century riding, or most kinds of randonneuring, or all day adventure rides the MidDurance might be the ideal bike. 
  • PavGrav:  This is Honey's term for our bikes designed for pavement and gravel road riding.  MidDurance is designed for more pavement than gravel.  The bike is ideal for environments that include 66% or more pavement relative to gravel or dirt roads.  The MidDurance excels on 100% pavement, too.  This is a fast and stable bike on blacktop.
  • Four-Seasons of Riding:  The way Honey designs for medium-reach brakes enables a rare feat:  We can fit studded tires on the MidDurance.  This means that the bike is a true four-season capable bike for road riding regardless of the conditions.  Additionally, there's plenty of room for fenders with 28mm tires so you'll be comfortable in any weather.

Get ready for the best all day road riding you've ever done -- in any weather or season.  This bike begs you to take the long route home.

Choosing the Titanium or Steel MidDurance

The benefits of both materials are many.  Titanium, when designed well and carefully sourced, is super durable and really smooth which benefits the long ride and rough roads and gravel.  Steel is less expensive and comes in great paint options.  The list of benefits and considerations are listed in detail on our Choosing Titanium or Steel page.

Why is the Honey MidDurance Titanium the ideal endurance road and gravel bike?


More than any other bike that Honey offers, the MidDurance may be the best bike on the market for PaGrav type riding.  There are a lot of reasons for this but a few of the most compelling are:

  • Purpose Driven:  The MidDurance is a very focused specialty bike.  We're not offering a warmed over cyclocross bike or watered-down mixed-terrain bike.  It's not a kitchen sink bike.  We've designed this bike from a blank slate to excel at endurance pavement and dirt road riding with no apologies and no compromises.  The bike is precisely what it claims.  Read on to learn what makes this bike so specifically optimized for endurance riding on rough roads.
  • Titanium:  By employing titanium we're able to accomplish a lot, but one great aspect is the way titanium can absorb road shock.  There is not better frame material for endurance bikes.  There is no better frame material for rough road surfaces.  The longer you're on your bike the more the smooth ride of titanium becomes a noticeable benefit.
  • Light and Durable:  The MidDurance is the lightest PavGrav endurance bike on the market at its price.  How is this possible?  For starters, by using mid-reach brakes rather than disc brakes we pull about 1.25 lbs out of the bike.  That is definitely noticeable on climbs and switchback descents.  The more miles you pile on, the more benefit the weight savings become.  We're not big fans of gram shaving because there is often a trade-off between durability and weight.  However, because much of the weight is simply through brake system choice, there is not durability sacrifice.  Employing titanium for the frame also reduces weight over most other frame materials.  Be wary of promises of super light carbon framesets.  The claims are often overstated.  At the MidDurance price range we'll put our complete bike weight up again any other bike on the market.
  • Tire Choices:  The MidDurance fits tires anywhere from performance 25mm road performance tires up to 33mm slicks for really long rides, and even 32mm knobby tires for the roughest gravel rides.  There are very few caliper brake bikes that can handle this type of tire range.

These are tall promises but we put our 30+ years of framebuilding experience behind our guarantee that you'll love this bike if you're looking for a true endurance bike that can handle any pavement or dirt road and most gravel roads, too.   

The MidDurance Titanium is priced to provide you more value than any other titanium bike on the market. 

Designed and Handmade in the United States

Each Honey frame conceived, designed, and built in the United States.  Wherever possible we use US sourced materials, too.  Read why we think building Honeys in the US really does matter.  The reasons are many.

More Details About The MidDurance Titanium


MidDurance Titanium Pricing

Honey offers two ways to get a MidDurance Titanium:

Our Curated Parts Packages are what we've found to work really well - and for which we can vouch.  These kits offer the best value -- function, low-service, durability, lightweight -- for the money.

Unique Design Features of the MidDurance Titanium

This is not a re-purposed road or touring bike.  We designed the Mid from the ground up, over a seven year process, to provide the single best endurance PavGrav bike on the market.  Here are some examples of what makes this bike so special:  Tubeset, fit and geometry, handling and performance, and component options.

Titanium Tubeset Design

Each of the 12 bike sizes has its own tubeset  -- the Honey Wildflower set -- that we've optimized for the size of the bike and the likely size of the rider.  The tubing begins with the toughest, longest fatigue life titanium that's available.  We've been working with titanium for more than 30-years so we know the industry.  Then we tailor the material to the application of durable all-day adventure rides.  We think this Wildflower tubeset helps us create the best riding endurance road bike available.

Size-Specific Tubing:  This may sound trivial but true size-specific designs mean that a 54.5 cm top tube bike has a very different tubeset specification than a 56.5 cm bike.  Tubeset so important because a 0.001" change in wall thickness throughout the frame equates to about a 3% different in ride feel.  For reference, a typical piece of paper is 0.003".  That thickness change equates to about a 10% change in ride feel.  Small changes make a big difference.

Durability:  We're interested in building bike that are truly going to be around for the long haul.  This requires designing with the best titanium available.  Just as is true with any materials, there is good and bad.  Titanium is so sensitive to flaws that it's even more important to use first quality titanium in our frames.  Proper welding technique, endless fatigue testing, and thoughtful part design all lead to maximizing your frame's fatigue life.

Toughness:  The titanium that Honey sources is as tough as any bike material can get.  Endurance riding demands durability; you don't want to be 20-miles out on a trail with a broken fender mount or cracked bottom bracket shell.  First quality material is the secret to having the toughest bikes on the road.

Ride Quality:  This may be the best aspect of what titanium can offer a bike.  Titanium, when applied well, can absorb much more shock and vibration than any other material.  Not every titanium bike rides well but Honey's 30-plus years of titanium framebuilding provides us unique insight into optimizing ride quality.

Here is more information about our titanium frames and why they're fairly wonderful.

Benefits of Medium Reach Caliper Brakes

When most riders hear "caliper brake" they think "road brake."  This is well justified.  A regular caliper brake is useful only for a road bike that lives on pavement.  However there is a category of caliper brake that most riders are less familiar with -- at least less familiar with the versatility of the brake.  This brake is the medium-reach brake, sometimes referred to as a mid-reach brake.  The brake looks nearly identical to a classic road caliper brake but it is very different in capability.

Medium reach caliper brakes provide a lot of benefits over classic caliper brakes and contemporary disc brakes.  Here are a few reasons we employ medium-reach brakes on the MidDurance:

Benefits of medium-reach brakes compared to disc brakes

  • Lighter weight:  Medium-reach brake bikes are about 1 - 1.5 lbs lighter than disc brake bikes.  This may seem difficult to believe but a disc brake bike is entirely different from a standard caliper brake bike.  The frame and fork have to be build to withstand the torsional forces of a disc brake, so this ads significant weight.  Disc brake wheels are heavier.  The rotors are heavy.  The hydraulic system is heavier.  It all adds up fast to be very noticeable side by side.
  • Modulation:  A high quality caliper brake stops really well.  A disc brake does have more stopping power.  However, on a 30mm slick tire you cannot take advantage of that stopping power.  Any decent caliper brake can lock up a 30mm tire without any trouble at all.  Having a disc brake that makes it easier to lock up your wheel isn't particularly helpful.
  • Easier service:  Adjusting and servicing a caliper brake is significantly easier than working on a disc brake bike.  We also find that the total cost of ownership is a bit lower.
  • Easier for traveling:  If you pack your bike for travel, a caliper brake is much easier and faster to manage.

Of course there are many cases where disc brakes are worth the downsides but if you're truly riding more pavement than dirt roads and not riding much rough gravel or singletrack, we think medium-reach caliper brakes are superior.

Benefits of medium-reach brakes compared to classic road caliper brakes

  • Tire selection:  This is simple but powerful.  Most road bike brake calipers fit a 23mm and a 25mm tire well.  Sometimes a 28mm tire will fit, too, but not always.  With the way Honey optimizes the MidDurance for a medium-reach brake, we're able to get much bigger tires to fit.The results of this include:
    • Plusher ride:  The bike will fit up to a 33mm slick tire.  This is nearly twice the air volume of a 23mm tire.  This means a more comfortable ride over any distance.  The longer the ride the more noticeable the comfort becomes.
    • Confidence:  Being able to fit up to 33mm width slicks enables you to ride rougher roads -- paved, dirt, or otherwise -- with more stability and confidence.
    • Rougher gravel:  The MidDurance even fits 32mm knobby tires -- something almost unheard of on a caliper brake bike -- so you can ride much more gravel more easily than with any classic caliper road bike.
  • Four Seasons:  One of the hidden benefits of the MidDurance and the way Honey designs for medium-reach brakes is that we can fit a studded tire onto the bike.  This is pretty amazing.  This means that the MidDurance is a true four-season capable bike for road riding regardless of the conditions. This is something no classic road caliper bike can accomplish.  It's even very unusual for a typical medium-reach brake bike, too.
  • Fenders:  The medium-reach brake provides plenty of room to fit fenders without heavy modification.  The MidDurance fits a 28mm tire when using fenders.

Explainer:  Why doesn't my 28mm width tire measure 28mm wide?

When we talk about tire widths -- 25mm road, 33mm slick, 32mm knobby -- it's important to keep in mind that we're discussing the manufacturer's specified width printed on the tire's sidewall.  These specifications are often different from actual measurements.  There are many reasons for this including the width of the rim, the

  • Rim width:  The wider the internal width of the rim, the wider the tire.  For tires under about 33mm width, typically for every two additional millimeters of internal width the tire gets about one millimeter wider.
  • Tire age:  As a tire gets older sometimes they increase in size.  We notice this more on larger tires -- usually a lot larger than 33mm width.
  • Tire pressure:  Surprisingly, more pressure means a wider tire.  This only impacts the tire by about 1mm over the entire recommended tire pressure range but it can make a difference for tire fit.
  • Measuring tools:  What we mean her is the manufacturer's measuring tools.  For example, one popular tire company offers a 28mm tire that measures about 31mm actual width.  This is a significant variance and can wreak havoc on brake fit.

MidDurance Titanium Bike Fit & Geometry


Our chart of MidDurance Titanium geometry provides all the details you'll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 12-sizes of the MidDurance, we're certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone.  We make women's and men's bike setups, too.
  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.
  • When compared to a road bike, the MidDurance is designed for longer rides on much more varied terrain so the rider position provides a slightly shorter reach and a slightly higher bar than a pure road bike.  This position also helps prevent lower back pain and protects your body better during long rides on roughest roads.

MidDurance Titanium Frame Features

The features list for the MidDurance is long.  See all the details on the Geometry Details Page.  Here are a few of the details that people often ask about.

Overall this is a medium reach caliper brake bike with fender mounts.  Therefore the bike uses the classic quick release wheel system.  Depending on the size the frame comes with an 1-1/8" steerer or a 44mm steerer for fork characteristic optimization.

The fork's rake is tailored to the frame's head tube angle for optimized bike trail.  This means the bike will handle predictably at any speed and for any size frameset.

Rear rack:  The MidDurance does not come with rack mounts because this is more of a single ride endurance bike.  However, the frame is rack worthy and you can install a rack on the fender mounts at the dropouts and the use of a seat binder with integrated rack mounts or through the use of p-clamps.  If you plan to use a rack, we recommend not using more than 20 lbs of gear including the weight of the rack.  The MidDurance's tubeset is not designed for more pannier weight than that.  If you want a Honey that had dedicated rack mounts and is optimized for loaded panniers -- up to 70 lbs, our touring bike is ideal for that.

MidDurance Titanium Handling & Performance

With its stable front end, optimized trail, low bottom bracket, and mid-length wheel base the MidDurance makes for a great all-day rider.  Our tubeset selection promises a stiff drivetrain for excellent climbing, power transfer, and acceleration.  Our design also optimizes the frame for excellent vertical compliance for a smooth ride, even in the 24th hour of your adventure.

  • Predictable and sure-footed handling through thoughtful frame geometry, tubeset selection, and component curation.  Some of this is obvious and some of this runs very counter to popular current frame design fads.  
    • Predictable because when you're in your 10th hour or 30th hour you're tired, your response time is slower, and you have some fatigue.  Having a bike that tracks predictably and easily makes a bigger and bigger difference as the miles tick by.
    • Sure-footed because when your reaction time slows as the sun goes down on that long ride you don't want an overly quick or squirrely bike; that's exhausting to manage -- and a bit dangerous.  This bike behavior will help you settle in and relax on the bike -- an important feature of an endurance bike.
  • Excellent tracking and traction: The Honey seatstay design and tubing provide improved traction and predictability on any decent and on any surface.  The titanium MidDurance helps keep your tires connected to the road.  You'll be able to ride faster and more sure-footedly.
  • Excellent climbing ability: The MidDurance Titanium frame tubing employs stiff chainstays for efficient power transfer to get you up the hills faster and with less effort.  There is no stiffer titanium drivetrain available on an endurance bike.
  • Frame size-specific tubing: This ensures the best possible handling at the lowest possible frame weight. We selected each tube, with specificity, for each MidDurance frame size.

Component Choices & Options

  • A range of kits from Shimano and SRAM.
  • Medium-Reach Caliper Brakes:  The benefits are many.  See above for details.
  • Gearing:  Our MidDurance come with compact 50/34t cranks and 11-32t cassettes.  Nearly 1:1 low gear with a full road high-end gear range.  This is just about perfect for any all-day ride.
  • Honey components: Handlebar and stem are superlight 3D forged—for the highest strength and lightest weight aluminum parts possible.

Complete Bike Weight

54.5 cm top tube MidDurance Titanium with SRAM Force 22:  17 lbs., 2 ounces.  This is a really great weight for a durable serious enduracne road bike that can handle all kinds of rough riding.  Weights subject to change as component packages evolve.