The Honey Mountain is a contemporary hardtail mountain bike. Designed for hard riding and racing, some of the Mountain Honey's unique features include:

  • More Sizes: Honey's 12-sizes is unheard of in the mountain bike world. No 3-5 "t-shirt" style sizes. Proper fit in the mountain bike world is often overlooked. However, a bike that fits well—without having to resort to odd length stems or awkward saddle positions—drastically improves handling and performance, both at low speeds and race pace.
  • Size-specific tubing: Honey developed the steel tube butting profile individually for each Honey Mountain size. This is the first true size-specific tubing ever developed for a stock bike. The Honey tubing system provides a new level of subtlety, refinement, and control to the classic steel ride.
  • Better traction: Honey's tubing profile system provides more vertical compliance in the seat stays—this helps keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground, for reduced power loss and improved handling.
  • Faster descending: Honey geometry and fit details make the bike descend with more confidence.
  • Easier climbing: Honey oversized chainstays provide a stiffer drivetrain. Additionally, the improved fit creates a better climbing position so you can focus on the trail ahead rather than on keeping your front wheel on the ground—and your rear wheel from slipping.

Mountain 26" Series Bike Pricing & Kit Details