What is the Honey Offtrail?

The Offtrail lives to explore. The term “off trail” is a backpacking term, to note when are literally going off the trail to explore. The Offtrail is Honey’s take on a fat bike. And unlike most fat bikes its not just for sand and snow. We built this bike to excel in all conditions. Even where the trail ends and adventure begins.

Offtrail Bike Geometry

Offtrail Bike Pricing and Kit Details - Coming Soon

Why is the Honey Offtrail the perfect adventure bike?

  • Built on a 26 inch platform the bike is nimble and quick handling in the woods and on technical trails while also providing confidence inspiring stability in high speed turns
  • With room for 5 inch tires, fat tires provide almost suspension-like cushioning on rocks and roots and float over snow and sand. Large volume tires at low pressures also provide incredible traction on wet and loose terrain.
  • The Offtrail was developed with the type of riding we love most-exploring mixed terrain in the woods. We live to find new rough trails that lead to who knows where. Having a bike that is so comfortable in rough terrain opens up a whole new world of adventure

Special Features of the Offtrail:

  • To give you the exact handling and features you want out of your ride, the Offtrail also has the ability to be set up with drop bars or riser bars.
  • 12 sizes and two models.
  • Each frame is handbuilt one at a time with hand-selected and custom drawn tubing and made in the USA.

General Pricing:

  • Complete bikes starting at $3,995
  • Price for frameset with painted to match fork and stem: $2,245
  • Bike shown with Shimano 1x10 XT Kit, Race Face Cranks: $5,395
  • Custom parts selection is also available. Please contact us for help with choosing the right parts for your Honey Offtrail.