If your favorite retailer is on this list, they must be excellent, and among the top 1% of retailers in the country. Honey is careful to work only with the best retailers—it's a very short list. And, further reducing the retailer list, there are only a handful of retailers that are dedicated to the cycling philosophy to which Honey subscribes. Here is the current authorized Honey retailer list:

Grace Bicycles - Holliston Massachuestts

Grace Bicycles
1574A Washington Street
Holliston, MA 01746 (map)
(339) 970-0187

Honey Bikes in Store

Sizes shown are top tube lengths

  • Day Ride 50.0cm in winter lilac
  • Day Ride 55.0cm in honey
  • Cyclocross 54.5cm in hummingbird’s red

Ride Studio Cafe - Lexington, Massachusetts

Ride Studio Cafe
1720 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington Center
Lexington, MA 02420 (map)
(339) 970-0187

Honey Bikes in Store

Sizes shown are top tube lengths

  • Day Ride 54.0 cm cool blue
  • Commuter 1-spd 58.0 cm black osiris
  • Weather 52.5 cm in custom black

No Honey retailer in your area?

What a surprise. Given this dilemma, we recommend one of two paths. Path One: Ask your favorite local bike retailer if they can order you a Honey. If there is a local retailer with which you love to work, and you think they would be perfect fit with Honey, let us know. We'd be happy to work with you and your favorite retailer to build your Honey—and a local Honey community. Unfortunately this may not be as easy as it sounds—for at least two reasons:

  1. The retailer may not want to source "yet another brand"—your retailer probably already has too many brands. This leads to:
  2. The retailer is likely to prefer selling you something other than a Honey—particularly if they have other bikes in the store.

If either of these cases is true, or you suspect them to be true, we suggest Path Two: Path Two: Get a Honey directly from Honey.