Welding Experience at Honey Bikes

The welding process we employ at Honey Bikes has been sharpened throughout thirty years of continuous improvement.  We began welding in the mid 1980s and we’ve never looked back.  We employ a process specific to bicycle frame building developed by one of the elder-statesmen of the contemporary T.I.G. welding process.

Honey brings thirty-years of welding knowledge to each frame.  While not every welder that works on Honeys has thirty years of welds under their belts, they’ve been taught by the best in the business.  Each welder works side-by-side with framebuilders from the 1980s.  This creates a beautiful balance of experience, knowledge, thoughtfulness, and youthful enthusiasm that very few other framebuilders in the world can offer.  Honey’s reverence for framebuilders past, combined with our excitement about tomorrow, create a tension that delivers Honey Bikes in a truly unique way.  We believe you can see it in each Honey.

We’ll explore Honey’s unique approach to welding in more detail – how it impacts the work we do, the way we design frames, and the way Honey’s ride – in future posts of the Honey Framebuilding Journal.