Honey Frame Warranty Details

Honey's warranty will sound a bit odd when compared to what you've come to expect from bike companies.  However, read the full warranty promise and we think you'll agree that Honey's offer is better than most.

Steel Frame:  If you take care of your Honey, we'll provide a limited 10-year warranty on the workmanship and materials of the frame.  For details about why we offer 10-years -- rather than "lifetime" read our explainer below.

Titanium Frame:  If you take care of your Honey, we'll provide a limited 12-year warranty on the workmanship and materials of the frame.  For details about why we offer 12-years -- rather than "lifetime" read our explainer below.

    Honey takes our warranty promise very seriously.  As long as you avoid warranty negation -- described below, we will take care of your frame.  No questions asked.

    The only exclusions to the Honey warranty is paint and corrosion.  No company can make paint that won't chip over a 10-year lifespan.  And there's no way to guarantee that your frame won't rust if you don't take proper care of it; we can't take care of your paint remotely.  Read our steel frame care and maintenance page for more details on how to ensure that your frame will last a lifetime or riding.

    If a warranty issue arises, Honey will perform reasonable repair work on the frame, repaint the frame, and return it to you in an "as new" or nearly new condition.

    Warranty on Honey Branded Parts

    • Carbon Forks:  Four year warranty.
    • Steel Forks that are painted to match a Honey frame:  Three years
    • Honey stems that are painted to match the frame:  Two years.

    Warranty on Non-Honey Parts

    All other parts are warranted to the manufacturer's warranty—typically one year, but not always; contact the manufacturer for warranty details.

    Explainer:  Why Is Offering A "Lifetime Warranty" Rather Silly?

    The reason we provide a 10 to 12-year warranty, rather than a false 'lifetime' warranty, include the following:

    • Exceptions:  Nearly every major bike company's lifetime warranty typically comes with a long list of exceptions including "normal wear and tear" which means that if you use the bike, it may not be warrantied.  Also, it's important to note that nearly every warranty on major brand bikes do not cover "corrosion;" this means rust on a steel frame.  For example, both the Specialized warranty and the Trek warranty share these flaws.  These warranties are almost meaningless.
    • Disingenuous:  We believe that a lifetime warranty is a false claim.  Will a big brand replace your frame at no cost 30-years from now?  20-years from now?  Our experience shows that this isn't true;  you probably know riders that have had claims four or five years into a warranty where big brands don't always cover the frame.  Look on line and you will find chat rooms filled with complaints.  If the brand isn't going to provide a lifetime of coverage, they shouldn't make that claim.  It's not fair to the customer or to bike builders that are making honest efforts to design lifetime bikes.
    • Ride Quality:  because designing a bike that truly would hold up for 50+ years of riding would be a bike that no one would want to ride.  Designing bikes that ride well - that are supple, lively, and fun to ride - mean that a true lifetime of hard riding is not possible to guarantee; you may get 50-years of service life from your Honey but we wouldn't promise that - just like no other bike company really promises, either.
    • Brand Lifetime:  Most companies in the world don't live for 50+ years so offering a warranty that extends beyond the life of most companies is kind of silly.  And, even if the company does survive it's likely to get purchased or acquired at some point; that new company is not likely to cover the warranty from the original builder.  We've seen this over and over through the years.

    Who Receives the Warranty?

    The warranty is valid to the original registered Honey owner.

    Warranty Negation

    There are lots of ways to void Honey's warranty. All of them are pretty obvious; if you abuse, neglect, improperly maintain, alter, mis-assemble, or use parts not approved by Honey. Examples of abuse include stunt riding, jumping, commercial use, and competition. Examples of alteration include machining, drilling, welding, brazing, filing, anodizing, or repairing.

    Personal Responsibility

    Bicycle riding can be dangerous. The bicycle rider assumes the risk of personal injury and understands that riding a bicycle entails certain risks out of the realm of product performance or failure. Honey will not be responsible for consequential or special damages, including, but not limited to, pain and suffering.

    This is the only warranty provided by Honey.  It supersedes any other warranties expressed or implied.