Honey Bikes

Handcrafted in the USA

Lead-time of 5-7 weeks

Complete bikes starting at $3,000

Framesets starting at $1,895


What is the Honey Winterando bike? This may be The One Bike – the machine that can do everything better than most bikes.  When outfitted with 33c tires and fenders and you’ll be ready for the worst winter roll – making it the funnest roll. [...]

Honey Steel

At Honey Bikes we create our frames using only the highest quality steel tubing selected specifically for that frame model, the intended usage, and the size of the bike. This means that no one tubeset will do the job so we work with a number of sources for our steel tubesets. [...]

Honey Weather

The Weather bike is a bad weather trainer. The Weather keeps your primary bike safe and warm through the off-season—or during any inclement weather. Your race bike will thank you and your Honey Weather for keeping it clean and warm.With Honey’s Weather Series, it’s always Honey season—regardless of the weather. A true winter training bike […]

Packmule Dropbar – Bikepacking Series

What is the Honey Packmule bike? The Packmule is Honey’s all purpose bikepacking machine.  The Packmule can go just about anywhere and handle just about anything.  It’s not the fastest bike that Honey makes but it is the bike that promises the most adventure per mile. Whether you’re planning an overnight adventure or a two-month traverse […]