Ride Everything

tiresWhen we designed the All Roads the idea was to create a bike that could excel in a wide range of riding environments. We wanted a bike that could do everything. Be spirited and fast on the pavement, be capable and stable on gravel and dirt, and confidence inspiring in the woods over roots and single track. In the past riders would have to choose between a cyclocross bike or a road-oriented bike. With the All Roads you don't have to choose and make a compromise. With a simple tire change you can have one bike that literally does it all. We recently received a sampling of Clement tires that are targeted at what we wanted the All Roads to be all about. Over the past month we tested the X'PLOR MSO 40, X'PLOR MSO 32 and Strada LGG Road 28. All three tires were 120 tpi folding tires. We took all three tires into every possible scenario you could imagine. We were very impressed by all three tires.

Our most recent ride was a "road" ride. A simple rolling loop of familiar roads with the Strada LGG 28s. We popped into some trails to see how they would handle and were very surprised by how they held up. Over mixed terrain in the woods we didn't flat or tear a sidewall. Ok, we might have crashed a few times as the Strada is not a mountain bike tire. And trying to ride a road tire on wet roots sometimes ends predictably. But that is part of tire testing. You need to push the bounds to see what the limit of the tire and the bike are.

The X'PLOR MSO 40 quickly became known as "The Fear Eraser" It is a great tire on the road. It MSO40rolls fast for such a high volume tire on pavement. But when you take it off road into the woods or on gravel you see what the tire is really about. At 40mm it is wider and higher volume than a cyclocross tire. It almost turns the All Roads into a 29er. We rode trails that we would usually only ride on a mountain bike. We rode over roots, ice, snow, axe head rocks. And the tire held its own. No sidewall cuts or flats. On gravel roads it provides phenomenal stability and sure handling.

JRAThe X'PLOR MSO 32 in my opinion would be the perfect tire if I had to pick just one tire and leave it on the bike. It rolls almost as fast as the Strada but is very trail worthy. Its not as sure handling as the 40 over really rough terrain but I pushed the tire hard on trails I would usually use an aggressive knobby tire on and it held its line and provided ample traction. It is a very nice tire in the woods. It is definitely a quicker handling tire than the 40mm, providing quick accelerations and nimble climbing up rocky terrain.

Overall we came away hugely impressed by Clement's lineup of gravel tires. They offer a wide range of tires for gravel, road and trail.

To see just what the All Roads can do check out this video we recently made with DirtwireTV.