Adam's Farm Short Track Series

Boston has been hoping for a short track mountain bike series for a while. Short track is a perfect way to get a mid-week training ride in and have some fun. Short track typically is a shorter course and shorter duration than a typical mountain bike course. The Blue Hills Cycling Club found a gem of a venue at Adam's Farm in Walpole for a mountain bike race last year. The race was called the Barn Burner and was a blast. It had so much going for it. A mere 30 minutes from Boston, it had a fun mix of terrain, plenty of parking, a Barn, beer garden and food trucks. Last year's race had a great turn out and the racing was fantastic. IMG_1632

The Barn Burner will be held on July 13th this year. The short track series will be held at Adam's Farm on four Wednesdays over the summer. May 21, June 18th, July 23 and August 20. There will be two heats each Wednesday evening throughout the series.

The A Race will be held at 6 pm and will be 30 minutes. The A race is Cat 1 and Cat 2

The B Race will be held at 6:35 and will be 25  minutes. The B race is Cat 3 and first timers


Honey will be sponsoring the Barn Burner and the Adam's Farm Short Track Series so look for some sweet Honey primes each Wednesday! We are really excited to be a part of this local grassroots mtn bike race. The Blue Hills Cycling Club took a park that wasn't being used by mountain bikers at all and cleared trail, repaired sections that had damage and created a loop that all of us can enjoy year round.


The venue is great for all levels. It has a true mix of terrain. Lots of nice twisty singletrack as well as a few rock gardens and stream crossings. Pauly's Pass is a funky little DIY wood bridge that makes riders choose between glory and potential skin loss.


For more information go to Blue Hills Cycling Club's website.