Ronde de Rosey 2014

The Ronde de Rosey 2014 was a huge success. For the last three years I have ridden a Honey bike on the RdR. This year I had the pleasure of riding the All Roads. I can't say enough about how well it shined. The Ronde is a long ride: 50+ miles of mostly dirt with a lot of singletrack and rocks. To be able to ride 90% of this terrain you need a bike up to the task. The All Roads was confidence inspiring to say the least. It shredded the technical stuff but was fast and comfortable on the road connections. The perfect bike for this type of ride. The Ronde is an underground mixed terrain CX race/ride/adventure that winds through secret trails and paths all over the Metro Boston area. It was created by its namesake Scott (Rosey) Rosenthal as a benefit for Bikes not Bombs and as an excuse to get us all together to have some fun getting dirty on CX bikes in the Spring. I have had some very special rides at the Ronde. This year was one of the best. Great team. Great time meeting and riding with friends I haven't seen since cross season. Its the type of ride that forms bonds with friends and teammates alike. It brings out so many of Boston's CX and mtn bike riders. Its always so great to see everyone at the Washington Square Tavern. This year we raised over $1,000 and donated lots of spare parts for their recycling program. photo