Honey 100 Instagram Contest

Best Road-Chris McIntosh The Honey 100 heading east this year through some of the rockiest terrain we have seen. It also featured stunning road riding and mixed paths. As always it was an adventure ride and not a race!

Bridge-Greg Ralich

This past Honey 100 we held an Instagram photo contest. One of the things we love about Instagram is the way it can act as a photo journal of adventure. Each rider has their own unique view and ride. We wanted to see what each rider could capture so we could all relive the ride through their perspective.

Best trail-Kathleen Morris

The route took us on some very interesting and challenging features. One thing about the Honey 100 — you never know what awaits you around the next corner. It could be a wall that you have to hop over to find the next stash into Gnarnia. Or an amazing road descent that looks like its in Umbria not Saugus.

black & white-Russ Campbell

After 3-4 hours and 50 or so miles changing flats can get pretty dark. But that is what makes the Honey 100 so much fun. No one is ever on their own. We all ride as a group and take care of each other.

Damien Talese

A well earned lunch break! A gourmet lunch awaited us at the mid-way point. Burritos, cookies, mochas...it was amazing.

Lee Toma

The bikes people choose to ride on the Honey 100 are as diverse as the route itself. I was lucky enough to ride with a good friend on his fat bike! We had touring bikes, singlespeed mountain bikes, singlespeed cross, touring bikes and of course lots of Honeys!

Michele Smith

Thank you to all who took part in our Honey 100 Instagram contest! Congratulations to the winners! It wasn't easy picking winners as all the photos were so fantastic! Get out and ride! You all inspire us daily to find new routes and adventures!