Honey Bikes at Kingdom Trails

IMG_1168With over 100 miles of flowing single track, free form double track, and even a pump track, riding The Kingdom Trails in Burke, Vermont feels like a amusement park for bikes. The drive from Boston, MA is close to 4 hours, but many would argue the travel is worth it. The trail systems that Kingdom fronts are absolutely unique and thrilling. You can spend hours connecting trail system to trail system, each with it's own distinct features, and not feel like any time has gone by at all. This 2014 calendar year has flown by for me. Before I knew it, October was here and my usual Summer weekend trip to the Kingdom was out of the question. I felt like I wouldn't make it to my favorite trails this year and was feeling pretty devastated over it. I had to go, especially since I was just refitted on my Honey and knew I was riding better than ever this year.

After scrounging the calendar for a spare weekend day, I found a Sunday and a friend, and loaded my beautiful Honey 26" hardtail into the car around 6am. My goal was to truly seize the day and ride as much as possible.

Something that is so rewarding about mountain biking is being able to see your improvement on trails you have ridden before. Nailing turns and jumps or other technical aspects of a trail that you weren't able to land before is instantly ego boosting and means something new is working for you.

This was my first time on Kingdom Trails on my Honey mountain bike. The fit on my Honey was Kingdom Trailsremarkable to me after having a series of ill fitting and ill equipped bikes. I can honestly say I was able to take on trails more confidently than I ever had before and was able to ride for a longer period of time without body aches and pains from a poor fit.

The drive was of course worth the ride for me. Aside from feeling really proud of myself for such clean riding, and feeling excited about my great bike, it was PRIME leaf-peeping season in New England that weekend. The splendor of the red and gold tree lines in the mountains are something that will always take my breath away even more than sweet single track.