Honey Bikes 2014 Launch Party

On a cool1898141_10203363686280918_1511872416_n February evening in Boston,  Honey Bikes came out of its Winter hibernation at the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington with its 2014 Launch Party. Winters aren't easy in the Northeast but it gives us a chance to work on new projects, develop new bikes, and paint schemes. At Honey we are always working with clients on special project bikes. A Winter party featuring new bikes and bringing good friends together has become an annual Honey tradition. Its what we are all about after all, and Winter is a good time to get together as a community, recharge and get excited for the upcoming riding season. But this is the first time we have taken on such an ambitious endeavor.

The idea was RCP-140222-0064to show 11 bikes, and to do it more as an art gallery opening than a party. The focus of this launch was gravel and cross bikes. Those are the bikes we ride the most and that speak to us on so many levels. With Spring fast approaching and the less ridden path on our minds we set out to push the bounds of what we could do with steel, paint and bike components.

We had 6 Cross bikes, 2 All Roads, 2 Mountain bikes, and 1 Road bike on display. In the coming weeks we will go over each bike individually and discuss what went into the development of each bike and the story of its rider and intended usage. It can't be stated enough just how much work and creativity went into these TbKH624OqW6R5Z34MKP02tzZVHQ7pIOl0crazQ9cs-kbikes. The painters took concepts and designs and produced works of art. The framebuilders and mechanics built and assembled the bikes in an astonishing time frame. As much as Honey is about the rider and delivering a bike that exceeds all their expectations its also about the process. The people who work on each Honey put so much into each bike and it shows. We owe them so much for making bikes that put smiles on so many people's faces. Each bike is so speciRCP-140222-0126al. A huge thanks to the staff at the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington for hosting the party, building the bikes and being such great supporters of Honey. We can't even put into words how much we appreciate the work the painters Staci and Jordan do for us on a regular basis. They have taken the craft of painting a bicycle and turned it into an art form. The framebuilders and machinists produce one of the finest steel framesets you could ever ride.

xplorThe evening had so many highlights. So many good friends were on hand to help us celebrate the past year and to help us get excited about 2014. We unveiled our latest partnership with the Dirty 40 and Rasputitsa Gravel Races in Vermont. And to celebrate this partnership we created a Limited Edition Rasputitsa-inspired All Roads. It featured a paint job harkening to the mud season in both VT and Russia and was emblazoned with our take on the Hammer and Sickle—the Hammer and Cycle. The bike features the most cutting edge technology from Shimano with the new DI2 Hydro Disc brakes and Ultegra DI2 groupset. It is built to shine on all roads and in all conditions. We are very excited to be a part of the Rasputitsa and Dirty 40 gravel races. Heidi and Anthony both traveled down from VT to be a part of the party and for a tour of Honey. We are looking forward to riding many gravel roads with them for years to come.

qXrKFEBdZjLTUXkgX-trWQ1tFfILTBng5-rRiY30kWIThe party was a huge success by any measure. Everyone had so much fun and left excited to ride bikes. The Rasputitsa is a mere six weeks away. We will be getting these beautiful bikes dirty in no time at all. Thank you to everyone who came out and shared the evening with us. A special thanks to Russ Campbell who shot all the great photos in this post. Thank you to Thom Parsons for his amazing video work. And thank you to all who work on Honey and help us to make the ride better one bike at a time.



Also, check out this amazing video piece Dirt Wire TV did for our 2014 Launch!