What is Honey?

Each-Honey-by-HandWe started Honey with the simple mission of making the best possible bike for one type of riding:  the kind of riding you want to do. There is so much going on in cycling right now - with multiple wheel sizes, evolving brake systems, cross-pollinating of various disciplines, limitless niches – and Honey focuses on these types of riding in a unique way.

We offer more bike categories than any other U.S. builder.  We handcraft each frame one at a time – no batches – in the United States.  We build each Honey from cutting edge steel.  And, because we’ve designed each model’s geometry and tubeset already, we can deliver your hand-made bike in about five weeks.

Honey is specialty bikes – each model purpose built to excel at one style of riding.  A good example of this specialization is Honey’s cyclocross bike category.  We offer four distinct cross models, each for very different purposes and strengths.  Do you focus on the cross race season, featuring tight and technical U.S. races?  We have a bike for that.  Are you looking for a cross bike that’ll excel at 70-mile rides through uncharted trails?  Honey has a specific bike for that.  And we offer all four Honey cyclocross models in singlespeed versions, too.  Honeys are not ‘one bike for all kinds of riding,’ these are no excuses specialist bikes.

One of our favorite examples of this is a recent customer who saw a Honey Winterando at an event.  He said, “I have been wanting that bike for years, and no one makes it.  Until now.”