Lone Wolf Cycling X Honey All Roads

trail-wizardA closer look at the Lone Wolf Cycling X Honey All Roads. The Trail Wizard as we are calling it was inspired by a ride we took to scout out a renegade CX ride that happened this past weekend. The bike and the name both came from the same space. The All Roads was designed to take you into the secret trails hidden behind stone walls and overgrowth. Some ride to get from point A to point B the fastest they can. We seek to get lost to find trails no one has ridden before and turn them into a loop that can transport a rider to another time and space. Lone Wolf Cycling shares our spirit of adventure and they have created a color scheme inspired by the woods we love to ride in. We are raffling off tickets for a chance to win this special bike. We will also be offering this as a very limited edition bike celebrating our partnership with Lone Wolf Cycling.