Off Trail


When we named our latest bike the "Off Trail" we did it for a very good reason. We love fat bikes. But when most people think of fat bikes they think of Winter and riding in snow. Or maybe riding on sand. We live to ride in the woods. And while we love the challenge of riding CX bikes, All Roads and "road" bikes in the woods we also love the idea of pushing the limits of what a trail is. Here in New England during Fall the lines get very blurry about what is and what isn't a trail. The trails and rocks and roots all get covered by a glorious blanket of golden colored leaves. And while visually breathtaking it poses a huge challenge for a rider. awesome

New England is bony. We have very few loamy plush trails. Most of our trails are littered with rocks and roots just waiting to flat a tire or send you flying over the bars. Even on a mountain bike it becomes a challenge. When we designed the Off Trail we had just this type of riding in mind. A bike that would flow over all of it. A bike that was nimble and sure handling at the same time. One that would climb well and handle like a mountain bike but with the addition of 4-5 inch tires would give a rider supreme confidence even when they were in extreme situations.


We have been doing real world testing of the new bike and I have to say I am blown away. It is a blast in the woods. I took it into Needham Town Forest this past week. NTF puts fear in my heart. Why lie. It is a true crucible.


So many axe head rocks and weird technical sections. I was able to clear things on the Off Trail I never have in my life. And like its moniker it opens up so many options. Where I would look for the line and maybe a B line on my mountain bike the Off Trail can go almost anywhere. Flowing over a high sided boulder was easy. Zero fear. Dropping into a leaf covered chute was not panic inducing. I started to look at sections I had ridden countless times in an entirely different light.


The bottom line is fat bikes are a blast. We will continue to share our adventures on the Off Trail with you in the coming months. Get out and ride! Hopefully see you out there!